There are many professionals who are dedicated to the field of fine arts, but there are also many people who would like to learn to draw or paint to carry out some creative activity in their free time.


Did you know that painting has many health benefits? That’s how it is! There are many reasons why one should paint in their spare time, benefits for mental and physical health:

  • It helps to express ourselves better : art gives us a hand to communicate those ideas, feelings or emotions that we have inside and that we have a hard time getting out. It is very satisfying for people who suffer from conditions related to lack of communication or expression (shyness, autism or other disabilities).
  • It is therapeutic : By paying full attention to our work, it helps to not think about the problems of everyday life. Painting reduces stress, anxiety and generates a mental break.
  • Motor skills : Grasping the brush, pencil or whatever tool helps control hand movements and stimulates the brain while developing a skill. It is very useful for older adults.
  • Healing : Like meditation, prayer or music, making art generates a state of general well-being in which we can be in our own world.
  • Problem solving : Believe it or not, art helps you think and look for new alternatives. If something does not turn out as you expected, you should look for the ideal technique so that it turns out as you saw it in your mind.
  • Culture : When we learn art history, we see the change it had over time and all the artistic movements that emerged. Learning theory also helps memory .

The essential painting materials

As a beginner in the art world, you probably do not have a large number of materials. It is normal that you do not know much about the subject, but over time you will learn about the types of tools that exist and that you can use .

The materials you buy will depend a lot on the type of painting you want to do: oils, acrylics, watercolors, painting on canvas… However, there are certain materials that are essential and that any painter should have on hand.

For example, brushes. The short-handled ones are better for works that require precision, and the long-handled ones for working on perspective. The quality of the mango is indifferent, that depends on you.

The bristles are made of synthetic hair and natural hair. We recommend using a synthetic hair one since in its process no animal is harmed.

As a second material, you have to choose the support. Sheets of paper, canvas or the material you want. It can be wood, metal, a frame, etc.

You can get these materials and more in artistic bookstores such as: Staples, Theorem or El Pole.

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