10 rules for eating mushrooms in complete safety : Autumn is coming and even today I buy shrooms online newspaper and a news hits my attention, two more dead and two intoxicated , all belonging to the same family, for having eaten poisonous mushrooms believing them to be edible .

 And in fact speaking with the experts of the sector we discover that the first cause of this kind of misfortune lies precisely in believing that we can recognize edible mushrooms , when this is not the cases in bluegoba.

Fortunately, fatal cases are rarely reached, but too many have to resort to liver transplants or dialysis , even if most of the time, when you fall into error, a good gastric lavage is enough. However, the risk is too great to take . 

The first advice I give you is to follow one of the many mycology courses that take place every year in Sardinia, the second is to always collect only the mushrooms that you are sure are good , if in doubt always leave it where it is, the third is to take the mushrooms collected to the nearest mycological inspectorate for safety , where the experts of your ASSL will check what you have collected for free .

Mushrooms and false myths and beliefs, here’s what’s true and what’s not:

Among the tips I can give you is also to forget the many methods and the many ” they say ” handed down by popular tradition  to understand if a mushroom is edible or not, for example let’s dispel some myths about mushrooms :

  • It is not true that all fungi that grow on trees are non-toxic;
  • It is not true that they are good if they have been eaten by snails or parasites , in the same way it is not that by testing it on a dog or cat – a horrible thing to do, however – one can be sure or not of the toxicity of a fungus;
  • It is not true that mushrooms become poisonous when grown near rusty irons;
  • It is not true that mushrooms that change color when cut are poisonous ;
  • It is not true that the poisonousness of the mushroom is given by its appearance ;
  • Cooking, drying or other methods do not serve to make deadly fungi (such as Amanita phalloides and others) less toxic ;
  • In case of poisoning, milk is not an antidote of golden teacher mushroom .

10 basic rules for eating mushrooms without getting intoxicated:

  1. Do not trust alleged ” experts ” and  have all the mushrooms collected checked only by the mycological inspectors of the ASL .
  2. Consume moderate amounts of mushrooms 
  3. Do not give to children and do not ingest mushrooms when pregnant .
  4. Even people who have intolerance to particular drugs or people suffering from particular diseases should not eat mushrooms.
  5. All mushrooms should be eaten well cooked , when raw they are poorly digestible, if not even poisonous (many toxic mushrooms become edible after adequate cooking) and chew them properly
  6. Consume mushrooms only in perfect condition (mushrooms must be collected whole and not in a state of alteration, i.e. moldy, soaked, etc.)
  7. Blanch the mushrooms before freezing and consume them within 6 months
  8. Do not consume mushrooms collected along the roads, near industrial and cultivated centers (in the latter case due to the risk of pesticide pollution)
  9. Do not give away the collected mushrooms , unless checked by a professional mycologist. At the same time, don’t buy mushrooms from the makeshift stalls you find on the street.
  10. Beware of mushrooms preserved in oil , botulinum toxin can develop there

What to do if you feel like you’re sea after eating mushrooms:

If, after ingestion  , problems arise , the first advice is always to remain calm and not panic, the second is to contact your doctor  in case of controlled fungi or  go to the emergency room as soon as possible  . case of NOT controlled mushrooms.

It is also important to always carry with you  all available leftovers of the mushrooms eaten (cooked, raw, cleaning remains), because a quick diagnosis, even in this field, can save our lives.

Also, if other people have consumed the same mushrooms, contact them immediately and also send them to the emergency room.

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