It’s hard to believe, but Buy penis envy mushrooms a few decades ago no one guessed the existence of one of the most essential and everyday products kefir.

 It would seem that what does it have to do with mushrooms?

 It turns out straight!

  • Kefir is formed as a result of diligent work of useful substances.
  • which even the tongue does not return to call fungal bacteria. But it is so! Moreover, in pursuit of them in the XIX century.
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  • The Russian Empire almost started a new war in the Caucasus. 
  • And only when a woman intervened in the matter, everything was settled in peace, or rather – amicably.
  • Twenty-year-old beauty Irina Sakharov was sent to Prince Beck-Murza Baicherov with the task of bringing to Moscow kefir mycelium

The grains that underlie this drink, to begin production of a useful product. 

The prince did not agree to .

  • The persuasion. What shall I do? Iryna went to the mountains to ask the locals what kind of kefir they were.
  • Needless to say, both then and now women are able to solve the tasks set before them – in short, she received as a gift their bacteria for fermentation. 

And kefir in the Russian Empire for some reason began to be called a “drink of pleasure.”

  • Kefir fungus itself is a symbiosis of more than ten different microorganisms that are constantly growing and happily multiplying together. 
  • The composition of this fungus includes lactobacilli, acetic acid bacteria and even lactic yeast, the benefits of which will be discussed below. 
  • The fact is that natural kefir causes not only lactic acid, but also, note, alcoholic fermentation. In other words, the innocent product contain.

alcohol, which suppresses, as frankly written in the first instructions for the use of kefir, “putrefactive boils in the intestines and carbon dioxide.”

And modern research has shown that the use of mushroom kefir stops calcification of capillary walls, helps resorption of tumors, and after severe illness kefir more actively.

Than other drugs expels spent sulfonamides and antibiotics from the body and protects the intestinal flora from the death of beneficial bacteria. So a trip to the Caucasus of just one lady prolonged the lives of many.
















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