Kombucha is a cellulose matrix in which yeast and bacteria live in symbiosis. Yeast breaks down sugar into alcohol, then acetic acid bacteria break down this alcohol into acids and other components. 

This is the stepwise fermentation process. 

  • They say that Kombucha originally originated somewhere in nature in China, and then the locals domesticated it. 
  • But, to be honest, I have not seen any evidence that he lives wild somewhere in nature .
  • After the First World War, the fungus gradually began to penetrate everywhere. It was especially popular later – in the Soviet Union
  • This was due to the small selection of soft drinks in the store. In the 90s, when Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other sodas flooded in, the fungus disappeared Buy magic mushrooms .

In the 90s, when Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other sodas flooded in, the fungus disappeared.

  • I came to kombucha through several steps. When I lived in Canada, I noticed fermented foods. There are many opportunities for this, and I had free time.
  • I got interested and started with brewing, making the same kvass, then sauerkraut and later kombucha. 
  • Six years ago, when I returned to Moscow, I did not find many of the usual products here. 
  • For vegetarians and vegans, there were generally a minimum of options, then the whole story with falafel and other things was just beginning. 
  • One of the foods I missed was tempeh, a fermented food made from soybeans and a fungus called Rhizopus oligo Sporus, which is very popular in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries .
Tempeh from Canada

Summer of food markets and festivals

  • I started making it for myself, then for friends, and after a while my friends and I were already preparing food with tempeh at markets and festivals.
  • It was interesting for me, because I always liked to cook and feed people. There was a desire to introduce tempeh to people in Russia, and there was also a request for this product from .
  • Those who met him in Bali or in the USA, but could not find it in Russia, and did not want to manufacture it himself. 
  • He started a Facebook page for tempeh and started delivering orders by bike inside the Garden Ring. There was no kombucha on the Russian market either, and I started making it for myself and for festivals – I wanted to return the popularity of this forgotten drink in our country.
  • I took recipes from the Internet, conducted experiments in the home kitchen on Taganka. I ordered my first dried mushroom from the USA, soaked it at home, and it came to life .

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