Rosie Ugleholdt never imagined microdosing shrooms as a new mom. She never intended to take psychedelic substances microdosing shrooms.

Nor did she anticipate suffering from postpartum depression, suicidal thoughts, and feeling stuck in her house for weeks.

She assumed that postpartum depression was a normal part of motherhood, and that she would eventually get over it. But she found the mushrooms to be a relief – and even advised her friends to try it.

microdosing shrooms

The first thing you must know about microdosing shrooms is that their effects vary from person to person. Different species, strains, and batches of the same drug can produce varying effects. So, it is best to start with low doses and cycle off. The best way to cycle off of shroom capsules is to take a break period. You should also know that the psychedelics have different potency.

The best way to learn more about microdosing mushrooms is to read about Project Baby, a documentary that was aired on Broadly Denmark. Julie’s labor was long and violent, lasting 24 hours. Her daughter’s heart rate dropped to 50 beats per minute during contractions, forcing her to have an emergency C-section. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, strangling her with every contraction.

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