Do you associate the words “proper nutrition” with buckwheat, chicken breast and cottage cheese? Down with stereotypes! Healthy food can be both tasty and varied. In this article, we will debunk the most popular myths about proper nutrition, tell you how easy it is to “improve” your diet, and give some pp recipes that are as tasty as they are healthy.

Myth 1. Fats are definitely bad :

For some reason, many are sure that switching to proper nutrition means completely eliminating fats from the menu. In fact, this is not so: giving up them will not only not help you lose weight, but will also have a bad effect on your health. The secret is to distinguish between trans fats and cis fats. The first ones are wrong, modified. They are found in fast food, semi-finished products, chips, mayonnaise – in a word, in all “harmful things”. Cis fats are natural and healthy for the body. They are rich in nuts, seafood, freshly squeezed oils – olive, linseed, mushroom, corn. From vegetables – avocados and olives. There are such products can and should be. 

Myth 2. You can’t eat after six :

“Don’t eat after six” is the pillar on which misconceptions about diets and healthy eating are based. In fact, the last meal should occur 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 12, you can safely have dinner at 7 or 8: it will not harm you in any way. But dooming yourself to starvation until the next morning is at least harmful to the stomach. 

Myth 3. Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than frozen ones :

In summer, yes. The rest of the time, hardly. The fact Pinterest in that most of the useful things in fruits and vegetables are lost during storage and transportation. Therefore, between frozen berries from your own garden and strawberries bought in the supermarket in winter, feel free to choose the first.

Myth 4. No snacking :

Another common misconception is that supposedly proper nutrition excludes the possibility of snacking between meals. This is not true: snacking is possible and even necessary – for example, if you work in an office and want to stay productive throughout the day. Just make your snack healthy: instead of coffee and chocolates, a handful of nuts and dried fruits. Instead of tea with cookies – cottage cheese with banana slices. 

Myth 5. Complete rejection of sweets ;

Are you afraid to switch to pp because you have to give up sweets? In vain. In the menu of proper nutrition, you can and should include goodies. On thematic resources you can find a huge number of dessert recipes. Popsicles, cottage cheese soufflé, chickpea sweets and a million more options for sweets, in which there is nothing harmful. 

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